• The value of hard questions

    Sometimes freelancers avoid asking difficult questions, like:

    1. Is there a budget for this? What is it?
    2. I know you love this feature. But does it really make the product better?
    3. Can you really be successful with your experienced nephew in charge of security for this product?

    We might be afraid of the answers. Or maybe we’re afraid of the impression the customer will have of us after we ask the question.

    But we’re doing ourselves and our clients a huge disservice when we avoid the hard questions.

    We need to stop trying to be friends with everyone, and instead focus ...

  • Short term clients are better because I’m too chicken to say “no”. WHAT?

    Today I read a fellow freelancer suggest that short term clients are better than long term, multi-project clients, because they don’t come back and ask him to do boring projects he doesn’t want to do.


    Look – every time a client asks you to bid on a project, you can say no. What ever gave you the idea that you couldn’t?

    I agree it can be harder when you have a relationship with the client, but it certainly isn’t impossible to tell a client that their project doesn’t fit with your business model. Even if it is similar to ...

  • CVCC: How to make ASP.NET Web Forms Suck Less

    Here are the sample VS2012 solutions and slides from my Chippewa Valley Code Camp 6 talk.

    Slides and Samples

  • All networking is not created equal

    I get invited to networking events a lot. Women’s networking events, chamber networking events, technical networking events, speaker networking events. Sometimes I get invited and I have NO IDEA why.

    I rarely accept these invitations. Since the invites usually come in email, ignoring them is sufficient, but sometimes I decline in person. Since I suck at lying, I try to explain why I’m saying no, which usually ends badly, because these people don’t understand.

    Example: I will say “The people who attend that event are not people who will buy my services. They ARE business owners, but they typically don’t ...

  • How to Make ASP.NET Web Forms Suck Less

    For those who attended my That Conference session on making ASP.NET Web Forms suck less, you can download the slides and sample code from here:

    How to make ASP.NET Web Forms Suck Less

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